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1st December 2015

It has now been over two years since I first began my epic Animal-a-day Project - drawing more than 700 creatures - from the microscopic Daphnia to the magnificant Blue Whale - working alphabetically. As I recently reached T, I suspect I will be finishing up around April next year

Each letter is available bound as a 6x6 inch hardcover book (in some cases, two books). I have also had them printed on shopping bags, cosmetic bags, playing cards and various other paraphenalia.

But the biggest achievement, and probably the most challenging, was the creation of the ZooTrophy trading card game. In this two-player trading card game, each player competes to create their ecosystem, populating it with wild, and in some cases, rare, creatures. The Forest and Waterways starter pack is currently available through The Game Crafter in two versions (Standard and "No-Frills").

The artwork of each critter measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches (with a few exceptions) and many are available for purchase ($10) or trade. If you are interested, please drop me an email: I am also open to suggestions, requests and commissions.