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The Animal-a-Day Project

On the 15 October, 2013, I embarked on an ambitious project, inspired by My Zoetrope and started working my way, systematically but selectively* through my DK Definitive Animal Encyclopedia. When, by day 75 I had just finished the Bs, I realised how ambitious this project actually was. I began the Cs on January the 1st and predict that I shall me up to M or N by the end of the year - depending on how carried away I get with C. Initially I had planned to do one letter a month, but now I am aiming for up to 36 animals per letter. Except for C. Who would have thought so many interesting creatures began wtih the letter C?

You can follow my progress through various different social media sources - like my Daily Art Blog, my Tumblr account or via Twitter. Whe the project is complete (in approximately two years time, if I don't grow bored of it first) then I shall be developing either an app or a game, but I am also printing hardcover photobooks via Artscow.

The artwork of each measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches (with a few exceptions) and most are available for purchase ($10) or trade. If you are interested, please drop me an email: I am also open to suggestions, requests and commissions.

* That is to say: in alphabetical order but not drawing every single life form.